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Sustainability (Economy, People, Environment, Social)

NCB Holdings is working actively to minimise the environmental impact of shipping and to contribute to sustainable transport ecosystem.


Climate and emission issues remain on top of our priorities list and we have implemented a series of measures towards conserving environmental footprint.


We are conscious of our Carbon Footprint by developing our very own Carbon Credit Inventory. Northport's Container Terminal 4 (CT4) aspires to be the frontrunners to have an onshore power supply ready for vessels reducing fossil fuel burning. We started off first in the region with Hybrid electric RTG’s. Currently we are using E-RTG’s which has further reduced the carbon footprint.


We are also studying the viability of electrical power generation through solar cells and working with energy saving devices like LED lights, high efficiency motors which utilises less power.

We also share our green initiatives with our customers - the terminals, shipping companies and land transport operators.


As sustainability is the key to drive stable growth, NCB is looking at sustainability from Economic, People and Social aspects.


All these are done in a transparent manner where we are proud to have signed our Corporate Integrity Pledge to further strengthen our Corporate Governance.


Our comprehensive approach to Sustainability will propel and remain as an integral part of  NCB growth plan for the next 30 to 50 years.


For us, sustainability simply being responsible to maintain or improve the environment in its most natural form in the best interest of  our future generations - with respect to the development of a sustainable the economy and society.


We are currently championing to be a green port by gradually reducing our carbon footprint as we expand.



The social pillar is a vast area in which our group of companies carry our several activities under the banner of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to establish our rapport with the stakeholders especially the communities that are close to us. Our focus is on Education, Sports, The work place and sustaining our relationship with the market place in a palatable and positive manner. We also partake to help in several natural disasters which hits our nation, like the East-Coast floods in 2014.


The NCB Group of companies are involved in various ways in activities that connect these companies to the community around the areas they operate in and in many ways extend support and assistance as caring organisations. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is reflected in our values and represents our belief that as a part of the community we share the same environment of work place, the same concern towards social integration and well-being and in generally bringing good to market place.


NCB continues to operate its scholarship and educational assistance programme directed at children of employee who excel in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia examination. NCB believes that when employees in their role as parents successfully guide their children into becoming high-performers in their study, the company should step forward to help ensure the success is taken to a further level. Under the scholarship scheme in place, deserving high-performing children may be offered full sponsorship to undertake A-level study locally and subject to attainment of the acceptance criteria proceed to pursue degree-level programmes in selected foreign universities on full sponsorship. A similar programme leading to fully-sponsored study in a local university is also available. In addition the educational assistance programme provides loan facilities to children of employees who gain admission for degree-levels study in Malaysian public or private universities.


NCB is also a supporter of activities of sports organisations that show clear focus on structured sports talent development. In this regard NCB has been working closely with organisations nurturing talent in the sports of cricket, lawn bowls and golf. NCB also anchors the annual PNB games, thus promoting sports among the subsidiaries and its employees.


The companies in the Group carry out community related programs ranging from supporting religious activities to recreational and social integration programs.


Northport regularly organizes outreach programmes that put itself in touch with the local community during celebrations held in periods of festivities. During the year, Northport assisted in restoring a house belonging to a poor family living in Rantau Panjang, the assistance included provision of new household products, mattresses and clothes for the Hari Raya Celebration.


They also carried out visits to hospital bearing goodies during Deepavali and visited a disabled children's association during the Chinese New Year. For Hari Raya, the company celebrated the “Majlis Ihya Ramadan” with employees and children invited from the surrounding community.

The Prosper Thy Neighbour program initiated in 2013, has resulted in federal government providing RM3 million support to improve the public-infrastructure of Bandar Sultan Sulaiman (BSS) area and also the successful completion of a pedestrian crossing for the BSS area which was a serious problem for the workers at the BSS area.


Northport organized a humanitarian mission to the East Coast states of Peninsular Malaysia during the occasion of flood. Besides rendering help in efforts to ease the difficulties, assistance in kind was also extended in situations of need. Kontena Nasional, the transportation and logistics subsidiary in the Group also came forward offering its assets and equipment in moving goods that needed to be ferried to the targeted areas.


Philanthropy is also another ongoing practice that we undertake to support the needy and underprivileged.



Our employees are our asset. We take great pride in them. Our people make it happen for us. We enjoy a wonderful harmony between the management and the union.  Though we have several unions, we have always kept our harmonious relationship without any glitches. Our group of companies also acknowledges that the backbone of an organization is its human resource. Hence, a conducive environment that promotes physical and mental well-being is essential for creating a productive and loyal workforce. Our employees are also aided through our Disaster Relief Fund that is aimed at reducing the natural disaster impacts such as floods, fire, accidents.


In this regards, the company regularly carries out programmes for safety awareness, targeting to achieve the OSHAS 18001, talent retention programs, work life Balance programs, Gender Equality, Fair Remuneration, diversity and equal opportunity, labour management relations, and continuous training (exporting talents) in skills and self development.


Other employee benefits provided includes several in-house canteens, sports and recreational facilities and also an in-house sports club. These entities organize tournaments over the year from sporting activities to exercising and educational trips. Some of the sporting activities include badminton, futsal, lawn bowls and golfing.


The company also took part in celebrations of festivals with employees and their family like the “Majlis Berkhatam Al-Quran dan Berkhatan”.


The set-up of Northport International Centre of Excellence (NICE) and the Lean Six Sigma program implemented are testimonies of our commitment to bring about the best of our workforce through human capital development. We would also want to focus on the following People Reporting Aspects such as  Non-Discrimination, Freedom of Association, Child Labour, Forced or Compulsory Labour, Human Rights Assessment, Human Rights Grievance Mechanism


We want to be a part of NOSS, ASEAN Port Association Committee for Training, Reduce the loss time on Injury and ultimate compliance of SOLAS 2012 Convention will be our primary targets to achieve under this pillar.


The Economy pillar focus on the market place especially our customers. Our group of companies are continuously working round the clock to meet and surpass

our customers demands.


As part of its on-going efforts of enhancing relationship between the companies and its suppliers, customers and other stakeholders, programs for interaction and networking are organized on regular basis.


Northport and Kontena Nasional has arranged and engaged itself in facilitating dialogue amongst investors and the business community with operations in Bandar Sultan Suleiman and various relevant government agencies on issues concerning infrastructure support and services. Besides formal engagements like meetings, visits and group discussions, we also engage our customers through games like golf, bowling, futsal and badminton. These activities has brought about great returns to the business and has also fostered cordial relationship with our customers.


The company have also supported technical school with financial aid which in turn caters to provide human resources with skills that will indirectly contribute to employees who are capable and dependable workforce.


Sustainable Compliance, Transparent Procurement Processes, Best Security Practices, Anti-Corruption practices, Anti- Competitive Act practices, Halal MS2400, Customer Health & Safety and Health Processes are the fundamentals which are put in place to ensure NCB Holding companies are equally profitable and observe the full corporate governances. Northport is 100% ISPS Compliant and the group has also signed the Corporate Integrity Pledge with the MACC recently, through which the Whistle Blowing policy, Privacy Policy, Gifts Policy and Code of Conduct has been established and implemented throughout the group of companies.


The environment is an essential part of business operations. There are continuous training and awareness programs being conducted to ensure the appreciation of and conservation of flora and fauna. The company watches over and monitors the impact of its operation on the environment to ensure that it does not cause negative implications in relation to noise, water and air pollution. Efforts are taken to reduce the energy and water, energy and material resources consumption through efficient operations and explore the use of renewable energy.


40% reduction of carbon emission by 2020, EMS ISO 14001 certification, Biodiversity Inventory, Development of Renewable Energy Master plan, Shore Power Supply, Solar Renewable Energy Projects, Revision of Green Master plan and finally compliance with the MarPol Convention are the benchmarks are practices that we envisage to achieve under this pillar.

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