Established in 1999, NCB Holdings Bhd is parent of companies that actively engaged in the management of ports and container transportation complemented by its integrated logistics operations.

The Group is one of the key players of the country's main maritime gateway in the 13th world's busiest Port Klang in marine cargo handling facilities and logistics services covering main locations all over Malaysia and beyond.

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The Core business drivers of NCB Holdings Bhd cover all aspects of marine cargo movements in the areas of:



Container Terminals Services


Incorporated in 1986, our Container Terminals- operated by Northport (Malaysia) Bhd is one of the leading port operators, innovators and pioneers in the region.


The terminal currently features 4 multipurpose container terminals in Port Klang namely CT1, CT2, CT3 and CT4 with annual capacity of more than 6 million TEUs.


Boasting a combined quay length close to 4 km and a depth alongside that ranges from 11.5 to 17 meters Our CT4 is able to handle Ultra Large Container Carriers-with capacity up to 20,000 TEUs.


Our terminal also offers a wide and extensive connectivity supported by leading global shipping lines which have been instrumental for us to emerge as a major regional transshipment hub.



Conventional Cargo Terminals


Our Conventional Cargo Terminals is arguably the oldest terminal in Malaysia since the 20th century. Formerly known as Port Swettenham we drive the Malaysian Trade.


It has since grown to be our dedicated non-containerised cargo terminal handling dry and liquid agri-bulk such as grain and fertiliser as well as bio-fuel products.


It also plays an important role in supporting Malaysia's steel industry and plays an integral role by providing automotive storage and transit for the region.


1. Break Bulk Terminal

Dedicated to handle bulk cargoes such as iron, steel, timber, plywood, machineries RORO and livestock. It has facilities to enable raw materials and goods to be repackaged and distributed within the Port's premises.


2. Liquid Bulk Terminal

This dedicated terminal handles commodity tanker vessels loaded and unloaded via pipeline, including liquid chemicals, petroleum products and crude palm oil.


3. Dry Bulk

Dedicated to handle dry bulk cargoes such as grain, maize, coal, marine salt and fertiliser. It also caters the loading of clinker and similar types of cargo.


4. RORO Terminal

Roll-on/roll-off known as RORO terminal specially designed to cater vehicle cargo vessels. Its services are complemented by our Vehicle Terminal Centre for the downstream storage of vehicles in the terminal.


Logistics Services


Kontena Nasional Berhad (Kontena Nasional) our logistics services provider, offers a range of vital Supply Chain and Logistics services.


The logistics operation reflects our extensive experience in global manufacturing sectors and consumer markets, providing our customers with a unique set of reliable operational capabilities, cost savings, visibility of information, security, on-line tracking and faster transit-to-market times.


Our services include :

1. Multimodal Transport Operator

2. International Freight Forwarding

3. Integrated and certified Halal Logistics

4. Heavy lift logistics (project cargo)

5. Cold Solution Logistics


Our logistics services are supported by an efficient global connectivity and a hassle free import and export process for both air and sea, door-to-door services, provision of custom documentation and internal transportation network which includes heavy lift, storage and warehousing.


In short, we are a trusted and reliable logistics service provider who is well versed in the door-door supply chain logistics supported by our

representative offices in all the ports and custom stations throughout Malaysia.


Halal Logistics


With accreditation as Halal Terminal (MS2300) and Halal transporter (MS1500), we provide the most comprehensive synergy to Halal Supply Chain.




In recognition of the International end-to-end supply chain development, the Group is also equipped with downstream on-dock and off-dock supporting facilities, product and services.


On Dock –Our Distriparks, both in Northport, Port Klang and PTP, Johore offers value add proposition, not only in being a Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) but also as an International Procurement Center (IPC).


Separately on dock, we have 3 Container Freight Stations (CFS) which offer a Consolidation Center (CC), with services ranging from warehousing, distribution and freight forwarding, all located within Free Commercial Zone.In total we have over 1 million sq.ft. of covered warehouse space on-dock.


Our Distripark in Port Klang is certified Halal MS2400 by JAKIM, complementing our Halal Logistics Certification.


Off Dock –Our Distribution Centres are located all over Peninsular Malaysia with over 3 million sq. ft. of warehouse space. These warehouses are strategically located near the hinterland and major industrial estates, providing an excellent access.


Additionally, the group has several acres of open yards all over the country handling oil & gas, infrastructure and utilities cargo storage.



 Haulage & Trucking


As the pioneer in land container haulage industry since 1971 our haulage subsidiary, Kontena Nasional Bhd offers an integrated haulage services that aim to meet customer's needs aided through state-of-art technology, equipment and professional staff.


Our fleet of prime movers are located across the country in the main business centres including Port Klang, Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuantan & Ipoh ensuring our outreach of the hinterland and gateway port, Northport.


We also have some of the most diverse trucking services handling various needs to carry various types of cargo such as frozen cargo, chilled cargo, bonded, conventional, relocation, liquid bulk, FMCG and cements.




Our Marine services offer around the clock pilotage service that handles over 8,000 ship moves annually. It ensures the expeditious flow of vessel traffic in port and a safe stay at berth when moored or at anchor. Coordinated by highly experienced pilots, we ensure the safety of vessels transiting the narrow waterways and straits around Port Klang.


Based in one of the world's busiest ports, we perform more than 10,000 tug boat moves in Port Klang annually for a wide range of vessels including mega container ships, RORO vessels, aircraft carriers and cruise vessels too. Our continuous fleet renewal program aims to provide high standards of service to our customers.


Our Marine Services also strive to help maintain the safety and integrity of the waterways by having minimal environmental impact on Port Klang's waters.

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NCB Holdings Bhd




Since its inception in 1999, NCB Holdings is a holding company of one of the largest listed maritime terminal groups providing services in the transport and logistics sector. NCB plays a major role in ensuring the efficiency of the movement of cargo  ...


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